A Look Ahead and Thank You to America

Building Business Relationships in Hostile Environments

Building business relationships isn’t easy in the best of circumstances. Add in conflicting opinions or a rough market and connecting with others may seem downright painful.

Building Business Relationships: Campaigning 101

This campaign season shows us what not to do in building business relationships. We’ve seen stories detailing lack of trust, isolation of audiences and growing apathy. What we haven’t seen is consistency. Consistent message. Consistent outreach. Consistent organization. Consistent follow-up. Consistencies build loyalty and increase engagement.

You might wonder why an events strategy and planning firm is talking about this. It’s because Austin Best Events(ABE) goes beyond throwing fantastic, buzz-worthy events. We design key outreach opportunities to connect your audiences – clients, investors or employees. Sure, we stun with remarkable food, entertainment and decor –that sets your tone. But we’re also strategic about audience mix, unique ways to weave in core messages and follow-up plans that connect.

Enlist in Better Practices

So, we at ABE have a suggestion on recovering our nation’s relationship skills following months of politicians’ sandbox tantrums: look past the election to Veterans Day. As a proud member of a military family, I’ve witnessed the bonds built between my Army Ranger brother and the men and women he’s served with on multiple tours of duty. Our military forges relationships during circumstances much harsher than bad press or a budget crisis. There is a level of respect, communication and devotion to on-going relationship development that should speak to us all. If you’ve ever had the tremendous opportunity to witness a military reunion, that is your example for engagement and relationship building.

We all depend on skillfully building business relationships. ABE can offer you a professional, dedicated plan to keep your events on track and relationships strong. Let us show your business or organization how to build engagement that doesn’t simply “wow” but truly unites.