Bringing More than Holiday Cheer

Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

A fabulous corporate holiday party idea doesn’t magically appear like department store elves. Memorable parties take preparation and forethought, but a little marketing savvy and professional planning can definitely make it worth your time.

Corporate Holiday Parties – More Than a Gesture

Your corporate holiday party may be more important than you think. A recent survey by BizBash, a trade-media site for the event industry, reported that 75 percent of workers say an office party is “very” important to morale. However, how you approach the party is just as important as whether or not you hold an event. A boardroom party with crudité from a wholesale warehouse doesn’t cut it. The survey concluded that more than half surveyed specifically requested that parties be held outside of the office at a restaurant or location signaling a true celebration, not an afterthought.

Know Your Audience

So how do you walk the line between a condescending gesture and an over-the-top, budget-busting bash drawing criticism like Yahoo’s 2015 holiday party? The key remains always knowing your employee and customer base well. Especially with today’s millennial workforce, human resources departments stress that employees want to feel a connection and shared purpose with their employer. Your acknowledgement should follow lockstep with the tone you set with your brand. Don’t offer a formal, seated dinner if your company strives for a vibrant, youthful tenor. Also, most employees understand company budget restraints. They crave an innovative, refreshing way to interact with their peers. This does not demand luxury and excess expense.

Remember, Events are Marketing

Who says a party can’t be fun and gains? You wouldn’t launch an exterior marketing campaign without planning. Don’t fall into that trap with your internal audience. You should anxiously anticipate word-of-mouth reviews of this event marketing aimed at retention, recruiting and employee motivation. What do you want people to say about this party? Do you want people to talk of style, synergy, stability … all of the above?

After you reflect on your corporate holiday party audience and goals, it’s time to contact Austin Best Events. We translate your internal strategy into the tactics of venues, theme and coordination of the numerous details involved in an event. Don’t simply throw money at a holiday party this year. Invest in an internal marketing event with the innovators at Austin Best Events.