Event Marketing Austin Style – Let’s Play Outside!

Spring tends to come early to Austin, which means you need an event marketing firm to get you outside and into those elusive rooftop and patio event spaces. While much of the country suffers under the last grasps of winter, show off Austin’s natural beauty, breathtaking sunsets and casual urban vibe that keeps people talking year-round. Here are a few tips when considering outdoor Austin events.

Your Event Marketing Team Should Weather Anything

Holding outdoor events can cause the steadiest event teams hands to tremble. “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait 10 minutes, and it will change,” isn’t only folksy, it’s true. Austin Best Events navigates challenges from winds to rain quicker than you can say, “hailstorm,” so use our knowledge to your build plans with creative weather alternatives and options. Whether you need big shady tents, refreshing, cool misters or a waterproof electrical setup, we’re ready for weather.

Up On the Roof

Austin’s rapid downtown growth produced picturesque rooftop venues in the convenient downtown area. However, they are still not as plentiful as many other cities. Advanced planning and ABE’s knowledge of a few hidden downtown and East Austin gems serve you well here. We even help you with those rare secret parking locations among the downtown crowds.

Down the Beaten Path

Outdoor events may be based on a strong strategic foundation, but make certain your actually footing is strong as well. Don’t leave guests in heels, sandals or dress shoes in a perilous situation by leaving a single step to chance. ABE worked with the Texas Cultural Trust for the 2017 Texas Medal of Arts Awards, where carpeting was installed at the outdoor event, allowing long dresses to sweep without concern. Whether you need a short, simple path or a full temporary floor to dance the starry night away, we don’t get tripped up by divot details.

Get Unplugged

Whether rooftop, patio, lakeside or in the garden, make certain your event scope aligns with an outdoor event. While sound systems are generally no-brainers, projections or complex programs open you to unnecessary complications at some outdoor locations. Make certain that your event fits the outdoors, not the other way around.

Earn Scout’s Honors – Be Prepared

Yes, we know Austin can get a little warm at times. That’s why we always make sure that your guests’ comfort and hydration needs stay top-of-mind at any outdoor event. Our event team knows the ins and outs of Austin from the proper timing for shade to just the right glasses to keep those frozen cocktails chilly and refreshing.

A great marketing event team clears the way for you to head outside and soak up the sun. Let Austin show you some of its greatest outdoor assets with the help of Austin Best Events.