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Event Marketing Equals Engagement

Event Marketing Opens New Doors

Missing “event marketing” as a key tactic in your marketing plan? Or do you sacrifice events because your team lacks the time or experience to carry out your plan? This may expose your business to increasing threats. The recent struggles of Macy’s, Golfsmith, Sports Authority and even Wal-Mart confirm that brands must constantly adapt to the consumer’s purchase process. It’s not enough to just blame digital. You must consistently remind your customers of your relevance.

Event Marketing Equals Engagement

While event marketing can’t support your entire engagement strategy, adding events offers your customers an interaction that’s impossible with digital. True event marketing includes much more than just, “throwing a party.” It encompasses a range of influences that can include segmented audience interactions, smarter product launches and guerilla marketing that meets customers on their own turf. It’s no longer simply about products but how to place them in customers’ hands.

The Millennial Shift

According to Steve Cohen, a vice president of MMGY Global, six in 10 millennials prefer spending on experiences rather than material things. While you may not think millennials choosing to trek through the Andes rather than purchase fashion affects your business, you’re mistaken. You have a great opportunity with these customers hungry to engage and experience. This huge demographic, to varying degrees, wants to feel a part of things. They want involvement, which they can and will post socially. Event marketing perfectly aligns with this ready-to-spend group hungry for connection.

Austin Best Events and Nordstrom Secure Consumer Relationships

Austin Best Events recently helped Nordstrom spread the news of their new Austin Domain store and used it as a way to extend the store’s trademark customer service reputation. Remember the old model of a store opening? It put a lot of the burden on the consumer: YOU come to our new store. YOU purchase something, and we’ll give you a discount.

Austin Best Events and Nordstrom knew their target audience needed more. Their customers would appreciate authentic efforts to reach them. That’s why you saw pop-up events throughout Central Texas. A family event in Cedar Park and a tailgate party for University of Texas football fans were two ways Nordstrom engaged potential customers where they were. Once the grand opening arrived, the store once again focused on relationship building through activities. A Lash Bar for fashion-forward women focused on service, not simply products. ABE built this opportunity to build or extend relationships – the key to any business’ survival.

Event marketing can convince customers that connection outweighs convenience. If you need expertise in elevating your marketing, sit down with the experts at Austin Best Events. Let’s discuss building and keeping meaningful and memorable connections with your audience, before rivals limit your choices.