Event Planning: Leave them Wanting More, Not Wanting to Die

Event planning juggles infinite details. So many in fact that some professionals lose themselves in the particulars of flowers, food and favors and steal focus from their principal concern: guests! Success only comes from putting yourself in your attendees’ shoes. Walk through your occasion as a guest during every step of planning. We advise you pay extra attention to these areas:

Event Planning Disappearing Acts

How many event planning essentials can you hide from your guests? The best events look easy because they expertly mask all the mechanics and highlight enjoyment. Scanning admission tickets or checking in at registration may be essential for your needs, but it becomes drudgery for guests in long lines. Makeover the process by not only adding queues to diminish wait times but also fun elements, such as a selfie wall, live entertainment and always cocktails or hors d’oeuvres as people arrive.

Helicopter Hosting

We all know the famous moniker for hovering, over-structured parenting. However, hosts can suffer helicopter syndrome also. While a few key planned moments move an event along, guests hate feeling rushed by too many structured actions and options. Social events need socializing time, and networking requires more than a hello on the way to your seat. This often means making hard decisions with your clients. The entire board may not be able to offer remarks during the program. Videos may need shortening or viewing stations outside of the main program. Focus on the most efficient ways of conveying your message without monopolizing every moment.

Creature Comforts

Elaborate and innovative event elements lose their charms if guests are uncomfortable. When planning your budget, never skimp on essential comforts, such as heating or cooling (with backup plans!), suitable seating and adequate food and beverage options appropriate for your event and time of day. Memories of sore feet and starvation can easily eclipse your most appealing details. Proceed with caution and ensure comfort first.

Whether your event planning agenda calls for cozy and casual or extravagant entertainment, your primary job is shaping guests’ memories. This is why our Austin Best Events team believes in “guest tests,” a troubleshooting process during each stage of planning. The only good problems are those identified and solved long before guests arrive. Leave too much to chance, and you open yourself to brand-damage from negative experiences and word-of-mouth.