Event Technology – Using Digital Brains to Give Your Event More Heart

Event technology can actually boost your emotional connection with guests. Yes, you read that correctly! At Austin Best Events, we’re famous for those little personal touches and one-on-one interactions that make events feel warm and welcoming. However, we’re also big believers in technology. Many assume digital assets create a cold and impersonal environment, but just the opposite can be true. High-tech help enables more time and energy for high-touch engagement. It’s all how you execute.

Event Technology Promotes Greener Events and Saner Guests

Have you ever attended an event where you were bombarded with paper tickets, parking passes, program guides, auction lists, accommodation information and more? Ever misplaced any of those items? We thought so! Technology not only saves trees and your printing budget, but also event frustration. Easy-to-use, engaging event apps organize all materials in one place. The app becomes their own personal assistant for the event. While you may never be 100 percent paperless for some guests, digital experiences let most guests know you care about the environment and their stress level. Positive association achieved before they even arrive!

Increase Your Engagement and Participation

You can’t be everywhere at an event, but your app can be! Bluetooth sensors can automatically alert event guests to necessities such as restrooms and the bars in their area. They can remind auction participants where to pay or pick up items before leaving the building. But this is a two-way conversation! Guests can communicate back as well, from submitting questions to speakers or requests to entertainment to even participating in instant event polls. While apps can never replace the courtesy of your on-site event team, they can extend coverage with proactive information. One key tip: tailor alert language to reflect your event. Be gracious and kind, not like a bossy computer.

Don’t Leave Behind-the-Scenes Behind the Times

Internal team and vendor app channels can answer questions that often distract staff’s attention from guests. This area can host online schedules for vendor set up, breakdown or sound checks. You can also provide F.A.Q. of the event location, making it easier for everyone to stay organized. Have VIPs that need a little extra TLC? Internal app areas for select individuals can monitor VIP e.t.a. and check-in, so that their welcome is anticipated and flawlessly executed.

While we believe personal touches and the human element are essential at every event, a baseline of technological excellence catapults your event experience. It leaves you more, not less, time to make those positive, emotional connections. If event technology is “offline” with your event planner or internal staff, it might be time to upgrade to the experts at Austin Best Events.