How to Maximize Your Presence at ACL

We’re in the downward slide of summer already, which means Austin is gearing up for festival season, especially Austin City Limits (ACL) Music Festival. ACL deserves its top billing. In 2016, the festival brought in an estimated $277.4 million boost to Austin’s economy. That’s a whopping 25 percent increase beyond the previous year. But don’t think that only official sponsors and national brands can take advantage of this mega event. In fact, being a local and having a local team of experts like Austin Best Events helps you maximize exposure. Here are a few things to consider.

Use that Home Court Advantage

Don’t think of ACL or any major event as an invasion of brands. Consider it an opportunity to host guests on your terms. Instead of throwing high-dollar events, pay attention to who is hosting them. Are there CEOs or CMOs in town that could make a great contact? Arrange an intimate dinner between teams, where your location expertise and hospitality can really shine.

Let Them Know You’ve Been Here Before

Whether you host a large event or small, practice authenticity. Much of the criticism lobbed at major events such as ACL and SXSW in recent years, is that with growth, they felt less “Austin”. Who needs another Coachella? Highlight your knowledge of all-things quirky and exclusively Austin to replace those same event, different festival solutions. Anyone can whip up some margaritas, your plans should be about style, not stereotype.

Look Inside, Not Only Out

Is there a way you can capitalize off ACL excitement for internal team activities? Not everyone takes off for Zilker Park. Make your team feels part of the “in crowd” by bringing in a performance or festival atmosphere. And you should absolutely utilize those ACL hashtags to showcase your private events

Big Events Aren’t Always Best

So maybe ACL isn’t appropriate for your brand. Central Texas is teeming with festivals during the fall season. From Oktoberfest celebrations to local winery harvests, the Austin Film Festival to the Texas Book Festival, build an event around an audience your brand can truly align with and make its mark. This is great for those “big fish, small pond” brands that hate elbowing for space.

ACL Music Festival brings Austin huge amounts of exposure, attention and income. But remember, you don’t have to be center stage to take advantage of its opportunities. When you work with ABE, consider yourself an automatic all-access player! But don’t delay. Time and space will move quickly – just like summer!