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The After Party: Post-Event Marketing

A new year is a perfect time to discuss post-event marketing and meeting follow-up. These tasks are as inevitable as January. No matter how much fun you had during the holidays, the calendar flips and work resumes. But, just like a new year, approach your follow-up tasks as inspired opportunities, not closure.

Post-Event Marketing Starts BEFORE Your Event

Guest confirmations and sponsor attendees’ lists serve as your post-event marketing road map. Begin outreach to those not attending prior to the event. Let them know they’ll be missed and try setting a one-on-one meeting. (Some people just don’t like big events.) Review those attending and determine appropriate topics to discuss at the event. While a hard-sell during an event is a bad idea, pick up the pace during your post-event conversation. Determine the best contact method: a call, an email, our favorite is the hand-written note. Add value – and the need for them to respond with thanks – by sharing something, from your latest white paper to a wine recommendation. Finally, reach out to contacts within a week of an event. No discussion. No exceptions. You didn’t invest time and resources to lose top-of-mind status before achieving your goals.

Internal Meeting Follow-Up and Brainstorming

Your internal team follow-up shouldn’t resemble an autopsy. Look at big-picture achievements and discuss why they worked. Review the final audience mix and create a “wish-list” for future events. Work down to the details, always keeping the big picture in mind. Establish final manpower and financial investments and use this in future planning.

Give Yourself a Break

Finally, catch your breath. This is where all that planning for post-event tasks pays off. Even with a professional team like ABE handling an event, a bit of pre-party anxiety exists – for everyone. Enjoy some quiet time to relax and reflect on what you enjoyed. This often produces amplified ideas.

Your post-event marketing plays a huge role in the final success of an event. Contact us at ABE for expertise that takes you from kick-off meeting through the last note of thanks.