The Marketing Event Team Rock to Get You Rolling at SXSW

With SXSW quickly approaching, many marketing and event teams start scrambling to put those last minute “great ideas” from management into place. This is when access to a local event team becomes not only nice, but essential. Austin’s local government is famous for quirky behavior. Keep Austin weird, right? You must know the whos and hows before you begin any event here, but especially around peak times like SXSW.

Let Your Event Marketing Team Become Your Ambassador

You’ve heard, “Texas is like a Whole Other Country.” If that’s the case, then Austin is the often the capital with overwhelming foreign protocol. Have a great idea for a pop-up venue? All applications for temporary changes to existing structures must be filed and approved at least 21 days in advance. Taking advantage of those increasingly rare vacant parking lots? That paperwork must be approved at least 10 days in advance. Now, that doesn’t sound bad until you realize that you also may also need a temporary sound permit application approved 21-45 days prior to your event, depending on your location, event timing, and dates. Tick tock!

Don’t Let SXSW Jam Describe Your Paperwork

The applications for all those cool concepts require planning. We’re talking details, and lots of them. You must list details of perimeter fencing, if needed, as well as all access points. This is essential if you’re serving alcohol in a pop-up environment. Tents and temporary structures, including associated vendors like food trucks must all be mapped out in advance. Many applications require details from the addition of any furniture and exhibit structures brought in right down to the fire extinguisher locations.

Now, before you get a little South by South Anxious … know there’s a solution to keep you as laid back as the city’s cool reputation. As the premier event team in the Austin area, Austin Best Events is tested with the who, what and wheres of any Austin event situation. We know the ropes, and have the speed-dial to back it up. You don’t need to know it all … you just need to know ABE.

So before your event marketing team cranks the SXSW pop-up panic to an 11, it’s time to bring in the Live Music Capital experts at Austin Best Events. We’ll take care of the planning. You just enjoy the party.